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Rent Stabilized Coverage:

Tenants Recognized as Rent Stabilized Tenants

In 1985, seven units at 115 West 23rd St. were found by the Loft Board to be subject to the Loft Law.  Thereafter, the landlord bought out some of those tenants, and other tenants moved into units.  The landlord treated the newer tenants as commercial or free-market tenants and did not allow them the rights of rent stabilized tenants.  

In 2003, the landlord began to refuse to renew the leases of the newer tenants and started eviction proceedings against one of them.   A group of the new tenants began a case in Supreme Court, asserting that they were protected by Rent Stabilization.  Grad & Weinraub, LLP, representing the tenants, obtained a judgment that the newer tenants were protected by Rent Stabilization.   

After the Court ruling, the landlord settled the case with the tenants represented by Grad & Weinraub.  The tenants were recognized as rent stabilized tenants and received compensation for rent overcharges and attorneys’ fees.