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Residential Tenants and Tenant Associations

We represent residential tenants and tenant associations before Housing Court, Civil Court, Supreme Court, and appellate courts.  We also represent residential tenants and tenant associations before administrative agencies, including the Division of Housing and Community Renewal, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and Environmental Control Board.  Our areas of practice include:

Eviction Proceedings:

  • Non-primary residence proceedings
  • Owner use proceedings
  • Illegal sublet proceedings
  • Succession claims
  • Rent disputes
  • Representation of Mitchell Lama tenants  

Coverage under Rent Control, Rent Stabilization and Loft Laws:

  • High income decontrol proceedings (Luxury Deregulation)
  • J-51 and 421-A cases
  • Loft proceedings and coverage applications

Apartment Conditions:

  • “HP” proceedings
  •  Rent strikes
  • Tenant Association Representation

Rent Overcharge Claims:

  • Rent Stabilized tenants
  • Rent Controlled tenants
  • Preferential rent issues
  • Individual apartment improvements  

DHCR Proceedings, including :

  • Reduction in service applications
  • MCI applications
  • Demolition applications
  • Failure to Renew Lease applications  


  • Hearings before Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD)
  • Hearings before Environmental Control Board   
  • Disputes with co-op boards